Better In-Store Experience for Customers, Better Store Performance for You


In-store analytics are nothing new to the world of brick-and-mortars. But having complete measurement without line-of-sight limitations—or the privacy concerns of previous technology—makes PathPoint the optimal choice for your next in-store sensor. With PathPoint, you can harvest valuable data immediately—and the insights that follow will change the way you improve, and envision, your store.


Learn how PathPoint can increase sales, grow customer loyalty, and lower your in-store expenses.


How else do you benefit?


Complete Measurement

Unconstrained by walls or other barriers, our listen-only sensors provide a more accurate measure of dwell time, shopper volume, and first stop in store.

Hassle-Free Installation

MaxPoint provides complete installation, maintenance, and upgrades, so you profit without troubleshooting.

No App Required

PathPoint offers full coverage without the need for customer interaction, drawing from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE, and other signals.