Unite Multicultural Specificity and National Scale for a Big Win

Telecom Provider Drives Sales among Asian American Millennials

When a major telecom provider wanted to drive online sales, it knew that reaching the right consumers would be essential. To maximize the resonance of its digital advertising, the telecom provider partnered with MaxPoint to engage Asian American millennials across the United States.

Finding Specific Consumers across the Nation

The first step of our strategy was finding the right Asian American consumers. Using our Digital Zip® technology, we pinpointed neighborhoods across the United States that over-index for Asian Americans aged 18–34. We then analyzed purchase data from these neighborhoods to help the telecom provider’s multicultural ads reach consumers with proven interest in telecom services.

Reaching the Right Customers for Better Efficiency

Using this consumer profile, we targeted multicultural promotions at only likely-to-buy neighborhoods across the country. This advertising strategy drove the following results:

  • Higher Landing Page Traffic—The digital promotions offered real-time sales opportunities, driving more visitors to the telecom provider’s homepage and product sites.


  • Asian Americans aged
  • History of purchasing telecom services 


MaxPoint optimized the campaign by focusing on neighborhoods showing the highest response rates.

  • Consistently High Response Rates—Interaction rates throughout the campaign had a high median, indicating that we consistently reached interested and ready consumers.
  • 63% Lower Cost Per New Customer—Higher sales as a result of our approach led to a substantial ROI for the telecom provider, improving its cost per new customer by 63%.

When advertising to a specific group of multicultural consumers, it’s vital to find them in the right neighborhoods across the nation. Using a marketing strategy that balances consumer specificity with national reach, we helped the telecom provider drive exceptional advertising efficiency with higher sales across the United States.


  • Drive online sales among Asian American millennials
  • Increase traffic to provider websites with digital promotions