Madison, Wisconsin is the U.S. City Most Excited for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games According to MaxPoint Interest Index

June 28, 2012MaxPoint, the company that helps retailers and brands drive local in-store sales with its innovative Digital Zip® technology, today announced the results of its June Interest Index. By analyzing billions of data points, MaxPoint is able to determine the U.S. neighborhoods most interested in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games – valuable data for brand advertisers with related products and services. The results of this Interest Index found that Madison, Wisconsin – specifically neighborhoods within its Middleton suburb – have the highest interest in the Olympics of all neighborhoods in the U.S.
The top 10 cities with neighborhoods that showed the greatest interest in the Olympics include:

  • Madison, WI
  • Lansing, MI
  • Knoxville, TN
  • St. Louis, MO
  • Peoria-Bloomington, IL
  • Rochester, MN
  • Des Moines, IA
  • Washington, DC
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Rochester, NY

MaxPoint analyzed data consumed by neighborhoods throughout the U.S., such as offline point of sale data, social media, videos, music, local Web pages and online magazines. The company then scored each neighborhood across hundreds of topics, which cluster together indicating broader interest trends over a period of time. MaxPoint used a composite score that consisted of a variety of Olympic interests including “Team USA 2012,” “Michael Phelps” and “Olympic gymnastics,” among a number of other specific athletes, events and related terms to compile the top 10 list.

With billions of dollars in advertising spend expected around the Olympic Games this year, the results of this Interest Index go beyond the capabilities of traditional DMA targeting to reveal those U.S. neighborhoods that are most receptive to Olympic-themed campaigns. This data is invaluable for brands and retailers looking to avoid the wasted ad dollars associated with blanketed campaigns.

According to MaxPoint’s research, the neighborhoods with the most Olympic spirit tend to have higher income and are well educated compared with the rest of the nation. Residents of the highest ranking cities typically had an average income of $80,000 per year and college educations.Using the data from this index, MaxPoint implemented highly targeted neighborhood-level digital advertising campaigns for both brands and retailers. For example:

  • A major skincare brand was looking to drive in-store sales by increasing coupon downloads of its product using an Olympic athlete as its spokesperson in their creative. Using MaxPoint’s Digital Zip technology, the brand was able to drive participation by targeting neighborhoods with women aged 25-54, with a household income of $50k or higher, an active sports lifestyle and an interest in skin care.
  • A marquee consumer packaged goods company was interested in increasing coupon downloads for its newest cereal brand. As a result of a highly targeted online video campaign featuring famous athletes, the CPG manufacturer was able to increase sales in all four of its markets by reaching neighborhoods showing a high interest in sports.

“The Olympic Games capture the attention of consumers across the globe, and here in the U.S. we spend a lot of time and money supporting our athletes,” said Gretchen Joyce, chief operating officer of MaxPoint. “This index proves that even with events of national interest, there are specific neighborhoods across the country that are more attractive advertising targets than others based on their location, demographics, interests and lifestyle. This is the type of information that is crucial to retailers and brands looking to target specific consumer segments with special deals or products.”

About the MaxPoint Interest Index
Using its unique Digital Zip technology, MaxPoint analyzes billions of data points consumed by neighborhoods across the U.S. such as: offline point of sale data, social media, videos, music, local Web pages and online magazines. For the June Interest Index, the company scored each neighborhood across hundreds of topics including Olympic events and athletes in the 2012 Summer Games.

About MaxPoint
MaxPoint’s retail advertising platform drives in-store traffic for retailers and brands. The company’s Digital Zip® technology delivers the most effective and scalable neighborhood-level online campaigns. MaxPoint can pinpoint qualified customers interested in purchasing a product with more precision than using traditional zip codes, ultimately offering accurate neighborhood-level targeting with national reach and local results. Founded in 2006, MaxPoint has offices in New York, Chicago, Austin and Raleigh-Durham. For more information visit:, follow us on Twitter @maxpoint_int and subscribe to the OnPoint Blog.

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