Neighborhoods in Seattle Named Barbeque Kings by MaxPoint Interest Index

Raleigh, N.C. – July 31, 2012 – MaxPoint, the company that helps retailers and brands drive local in-store sales with its innovative Digital Zip® technology, today issued the results of an indexing study that analyzed billions of data points to determine the U.S. neighborhoods that are the most interested in barbeque foods.  Seattle – specifically the Wallingford and International District neighborhoods – ranked the highest, but varied in their preference for pork vs. chicken, respectively.  Surprisingly, the Interest Index found the cities with neighborhoods most interested in barbeque foods are located in the Pacific Northwest, with Portland, Oregon falling right behind Seattle. Spokane, Washington ranked third.

The top 10 cities that showed the greatest interest in barbeque food include:

  1. Seattle, WA
  2. Portland, OR
  3. Spokane, WA
  4. Missoula, MT
  5. Idaho Falls, ID
  6. Topeka, KS
  7. Phoenix, AZ
  8. Ft. Smith, AR
  9. Green Bay, WI
  10. Lubbock, TX

To find these cities, MaxPoint went beyond traditional DMA targeting and analyzed billions of data points consumed by neighborhoods across the U.S. such as offline point-of-sale data, social media, videos, music, local Web pages, and online magazines and recipes related to barbeque foods. MaxPoint discovered that although the demographics of the neighborhoods were identical (consumers ages 25-34 with a household income of $60,000-80,000), there are two very distinct neighborhood types when it comes to barbequing — those that prefer chicken and those that prefer pork. This information is invaluable to advertisers looking to effectively reach consumers with the right message, in the right place at the right time.

Using the data gleaned from this index, MaxPoint implemented highly targeted neighborhood-level digital ad campaigns for a variety of retailers and brands:

  • A major chicken brand wanted to drive awareness of its chicken breast patties in 18 different markets. MaxPoint helped the company drive in-store traffic by targeting women ages 25-54, who have children ages 7-17, and who have purchased competitive chicken brands.
  • A national pork brand needed to generate brand awareness and drive sales of its pork products at targeted store locations. As a result of a focused digital advertising campaign, the company was able to drive in-store sales by targeting consumers ages 35-64 who live within an 8-mile radius of each store location and who are interested in competitive brands.  

“The results of this Interest Index were unexpected to say the least. Not only were we surprised to find the biggest barbeque food fans in the Pacific Northwest, but the data showing their strong preferences toward particular meats is both interesting and incredibly valuable to advertisers looking to market specific products,” said Gretchen Joyce, chief operating officer of MaxPoint. “This data shows that to reach the right consumers, advertisers need to go beyond traditional DMA targeting and understand the preferences, interests, lifestyle, purchasing habits, demographics and locations – right down to the neighborhood level – of prospective customers to increase brand awareness and drive in-store sales.”About the

MaxPoint Interest Index
Using its unique Digital Zip technology, MaxPoint analyzes billions of data points consumed by neighborhoods across the U.S. such as: offline point of sale data, social media, videos, music, local Web pages and online magazines. For the July Interest Index, the company scored each neighborhood across hundreds of topics related to consumers interested in and purchasing barbeque foods such as meats and sauces, as well as related recipes.

About MaxPoint
MaxPoint’s retail advertising platform drives in-store traffic for retailers and brands. The company’s Digital Zip® technology delivers the most effective and scalable neighborhood-level online campaigns. MaxPoint can pinpoint qualified customers interested in purchasing a product with more precision than using traditional zip codes, ultimately offering accurate neighborhood-level targeting with national reach and local results. Founded in 2006, MaxPoint has offices in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin and Raleigh-Durham.

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Jess Cascio
fama PR