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The following teams comprise research and development at MaxPoint and have propelled us to become one of the most rapidly growing companies in our space. In short, the challenges they solve today become the solutions of tomorrow.

MaxPoint’s R&D Teams Are Responsible For:

  • 140 thousand impressions analyzed every second
  • 60 billion requests analyzed daily
  • 1 trillion decisions made every day on behalf of our clients
  • 12 trillion calculations processed each day

Meet the Teams:

The Analytics team comprises three functions, all focused on affecting the levers of demand generation, including research and development, which builds the learning algorithms that drive the trillions of calculations detecting, connecting, and leveraging consumption patterns in both the digital and physical spaces; the measurement-based analytics in charge of developing and leveraging our marketing intelligence tools that integrate enterprise data with our proprietary data; and operation-based analytics in charge of program targeting, optimization, and insights.

Hiring Areas: Data Science, Marketing Science, and Business Analytics

The Engineering team creates and maintains MaxPoint’s technology platform and develops current and future products, working in close partnership with Product Management and Product Analytics.

Hiring Areas: Software Engineering, QA, and DevOps

Product Management
Product Management is responsible for the strategy, road mapping, and feature definition of our products, including usability and design. The Product Management team is also responsible for translating those strategies into timelines for delivery and launch/go-to-market plans in which we translate the value of our products to our customers.

Hiring Areas: UI/UX Design, Product Marketing, and Product Management

Production IT
The Production IT team manages the servers, networks, databases, colocation facilities, and infrastructure supporting MaxPoint’s day-to-day revenue-generating operations.

Hiring Area: Systems Administration

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Why your future colleagues love it here:

"The most rewarding part about working at MaxPoint is also what makes it challenging. We work with large, high-dimensional data that constantly changes. We also place a premium on being able to make accurate predictions with very sparse responses in fractions of a second."

Mark, Director of Product Analytics

"The quality of the staff at MaxPoint is second to none. I love seeing the passion of the teams as they innovate, build, and release new ideas rapidly."

Kurt, CTO