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of Data?
We Can’t

While most companies are busy paying lip service to innovation, MaxPoint actually does it.

In fact, just some of our recent accomplishments include:

  • Building complex statistical and computational models using natural language processing and the latest in machine learning
  • Extracting meaningful insights from extremely large, high-dimensional data sets to make precise real-time behavioral predictions
  • Developing multiple intuitive user interfaces and data visualizations to help brands, retailers, and advertisers make more intelligent advertising decisions

When you come to MaxPoint, you get to work with:

  • Multi-threaded, highly scalable technology that processes hundreds of thousands of events per second for the nation’s top brands, retailers, and advertisers
  • Real-time bidding systems that respond to billions of requests daily (all within 50 to 120 milliseconds)
  • Petabytes of data funneled through several Hadoop clusters housed across multiple data centers

Our engineers, QA specialists, and data scientists have helped propel MaxPoint to become one of the most rapidly growing companies. In short, the challenges they solve today become the best practices of tomorrow.

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Why your future colleagues love it here:

"The most rewarding part about working at MaxPoint is also what makes it challenging. We work with large, high-dimensional data that constantly changes. We also place a premium on being able to make accurate predictions with very sparse responses in fractions of a second."

Mark, Director of Product Analytics

"The quality of the staff at MaxPoint is second to none. I love seeing the passion of the teams as they innovate, build, and release new ideas rapidly."

Kurt, CTO