Focus in on Diversity for Successful Hispanic Marketing

04.22.2014 | author: Amy Gittelman

The Hispanic market is multifaceted—find out how proper segmentation can jump-start your digital advertising among this diverse group. 

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Up and to the Right: Optimizing Your Allergy Campaigns for Higher Sales

04.17.2014 | author: Matt Tilley

Find out how you can use real-time data to lift your sales this allergy season.

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Hispanics and Grocery: More Trips, More Spend, More Power

04.15.2014 | author: Amy Gittelman

Want to boost sales among Hispanic grocery shoppers? Today’s blog post reveals some insights that can help. 

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Four Surprising Marketing Facts That Will Help You Reach Hispanic Consumers

04.08.2014 | author: Amy Gittelman

MaxPoint’s Amy Gittelman reveals recent Hispanic consumer research—and how four essential insights should inform your digital advertising efforts.

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Creativity Meets Digital Targeting: Hyperlocal Advertising and the Small Agency

03.10.2014 | author: Randy Clark

The work of a small agency creative has never been easy, but hyperlocal digital advertising provides a new edge for crafting compelling content.

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Do Your Direct Ad Buys Need a Hyperlocal Assist?

02.26.2014 | author: Mark Ailsworth

Supplementing direct buys with hyperlocal digital advertising helps you target the pockets of ideal consumers you may have overlooked.

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Can Hyperlocal Really Work for National Brands?

02.20.2014 | author: Amy Gittelman

With its ability to be scalable, precise, and flexible, hyperlocal digital advertising may be just the ticket for national brands.

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A Powerful One-Two Punch: Digital Circulars + Hyperlocal Ads

02.13.2014 | author: Ryan Britton

Want to make the most of your investment in print circulars? Digitize your deals and promote them with hyperlocal rich media ads—a can't-miss combination that boosts ROI. 

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Move Over Showrooming: Webrooming Is Here

02.04.2014 | author: Matt Tilley

Find out how retailers can draw more webrooming consumers into stores with hyperlocal digital ads.

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Don’t Panic: Dealing with the Unforeseen in Advertising

01.28.2014 | author: Dan O'Keefe

Advertisers frequently have to change course mid-campaign. Today's post covers some tips on how to deal with the unforeseen in digital advertising.

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